How to make contactless payments more secure?

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We’ve recevied several questions about safety of contactless credit and debit cards payment in Ireland.

This is a valid questions since technology in use is a wireless connection, called NFC.

NFC abbrevation stands for Near Field Communication. Wireless connectin means that field of possible access to ones card details could be somehow readed by other devices in near distance. For example, someone can stand close to you in the metro or bus and skim the details recorded on contactless card.

According to New York Times technology news department approximately 500 million people utilize contactless debit and credit cards in the Europe.


How to secure your contactless card?

  • It’s important to remember that the maximum amount that can be spent in a single contactless payment is £30.00. This limit provides first security measure.
  • Make sure the contactless card stays within your sight to avoid the details being collected by a third-party Near Field Communication reader. However, this can be difficult in some restaurants .
  • Block NFC signal by using special wallet which protect your cards with piece of aluminium layer. Experts say that this solved potential risk issue. The only downside is that you need to remove your card from the wallet to make a payment.



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