izettle discount code


iZettle is now selling its iZettle card reader at a discounted price of £25 instead of £59.

Once you start using iZettle, you get to enjoy its fair and straightforward pricing, fast payments, the user-friendliness of the method, integration with other accounting software such as Xero.

The simplicity of the iZettle card reader, makes this payment method all easy and reliable.


  • Card reader: £̶5̶9̶ £25
    • Transaction fee: 1,75%
  • Monthly cost: £0



 iZettle – all you should know

iZettle came up with their innovative way of making card payments all over Europe a lot easier than before. iZettle presents a convenient way of payment for businesses that rely on card acceptance anywhere.

iZettle combines the convenience and cost factors since the cost of using it is low.

Using this payment option does not require you to pay any monthly subscriptions. The user is only expected to pay a transaction fee after each sale.

iZettle has a reputation in offering a dependable processing service. Besides, the hardware deployed is of high quality, and their pricing model is attractive to suit all businesses.

iZettle operates in almost all European countries. It combines a portable card reader and a mobile app for its operation. This guarantees businesses and individuals an easy time whenever they are making payments even on the go.

This payment service also allows for its users to build their virtual store through the provision of backend services.

Through the virtual store, users can analyze their sales and go through their transaction history with ease. As mentioned earlier on, the costs of using iZettle are quite low as are the startup costs.

To use iZettle, you need to download the app, which is free. This app is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. To make payments, businesses have to connect the card payment terminal via Bluetooth. To do this, they need a WIFI connection or mobile data to initiate the payment process anywhere.


iZettle Card Reader

The newly launched iZettle card reader allows its users to accept both contactless and card payments. These include swipe, tap and the chip and PIN. The card reader has an attractive exterior design, and its long-lasting battery ensures that you complete up to 100 transactions without recharging (up to 8 hours of operation).


Convenience and Fast Deposits

With the iZettle payment option, you can forget about guessing when you will get your money. iZettle deposits the money earned by a merchant within 1-2 business days, regardless of the card used in payment. You can now keep your cash flowing by ending the week-long waiting of money deposit into your account.

Payment acceptance with iZettle is fast and easy. What’s more iZettle accepts an array of credit cards, including:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Vpay
  • Visa Electron

The iZettle app also allows payments through PayPal, Apple Pay, and Worldpay Zinc. This means that users are spoilt of choice with the non-traditional payment methods.